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Caring for minor children is an important issue for all divorcing or separating parents. In order to secure an uncontested divorce in Ontario, or to finalize a separation agreement, a parenting plan must be in place. Even the most attentive and well-intentioned parents need help to negotiate an arrangement for where children will live and how to decide important choices about their education and upbringing. This is part of the role of a family law lawyer.

The Law Office Stephen A. Cooper in Ajax offers parents the legal skill to negotiate child care arrangements and, if necessary, to litigate the details of care arrangements in Court. Mr. Cooper has been a family lawyer for almost three decades in Ontario and knows the family court system, as well as how alternative methods of resolving disputes can prove most effective for families in the long term.

The Best Interest of the Child

Parents have a vital role to play in negotiating a parenting plan. Ultimately, any choices about child care must be made in the child’s best interests. The Children’s Law Reform Act of Ontario sets out the rights and responsibilities of parents in terms of custody, access and guardianship. These laws include equal right to both fathers and mothers to the custody of children.

Custody and access involve many issues, beyond where children will live. Even if a child lives primarily with one parent, the other parent can still have the legal right to participate in decisions about important aspects of the children’s lives, including religion, education and extra-curricular activities. These are among the issues that can be negotiated as part of a separation agreement or as a part of courtroom settlement. When these issues are in dispute between parents as a child grows older, a lawyer, such as Stephen A. Cooper, can represent that interest of a parent who wants to enforce or challenge an agreement in a court of law.