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Divorce Lawyer in Ajax

Many Ontario families experience divorce. The process of divorce, however, is rarely simple. Parents need the assistance of a family lawyer who can negotiate the best arrangements for the welfare of their children and the individual requirements of each parent. Separating spouses need an objective and rational assessment of their financial and personal needs following separation and divorce. When circumstances change and a divorce settlement requires revision, it takes an effective lawyer, such as Stephen A. Cooper, to renegotiate or to challenge an agreement in court.

Knowing the Legal aspects of Divorce

In Ontario, divorce proceedings must adhere to laws set out by the Federal Divorce Act and related provincial laws such as the Children’s Law Reform Act and the Family Law Act. These provincial laws provide a specific framework for custody, access, support, and property division claims. Although the law views marriage as an agreement that results in legal obligations, and therefore applies many rules to divorce settlements, families have many options for resolution. As your lawyer, Stephen A. Cooper will bring his extensive background representing clients to assist you in the most effective resolution possible.

Full Spectrum of Divorce-Related Legal Services

Many couples choose to negotiate a separation agreement that may form the basis of their divorce settlement. This agreement can cover many vital issues such as a parenting arrangements, child support and spousal support. Stephen A. Cooper can represent you, negotiate, challenge a renegotiation of a separation agreement or other domestic contracts such as a Marriage or Cohabitation Agreement that you may have entered into.