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Marriage Agreements/Cohabitation Agreements

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Marriage and cohabitation agreements are important contracts for many couples. They can establish financial arrangements for couples during their time together, and cover a broad range of rights and responsibilities upon divorce or separation. However, these contracts can be overturned. Many spouses who feel constrained by the terms of a domestic contract benefit from legal representation to challenge such an agreement in a court of law. It is important that your domestic contract is properly prepared.

The Law Office of Stephen A. Cooper provides advice and important information to individuals on establishing, challenging or enforcing domestic contracts. As a lawyer with more than two decades of family law experience, Mr. Cooper has the legal skill to assert your legal position in court.

Role of Domestic Contracts

For many, a marriage agreement, sometimes called a prenuptial agreement, is an important tool. It can make divorce, if it happens, more expedient since important issues such as spousal support and property division may be included in the contract and need not be renegotiated. Likewise, a cohabitation agreement can set out the terms of separation for couples ending a common-law relationship.

However, even if the language of a contract specifies otherwise, a court can vary its terms. In law, a contract can be overturned or varied if a court finds it to be “unconscionable,”or not enforceable for another reason.

Stephen A. Cooper is an experienced family lawyer, and an effective courtroom advocate. He has the comprehensive family law background and contractual knowledge to challenge or uphold a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement. He can also provide essential advice and recommendations and drafting skills for individuals who seek to enter into a Contract to protect their rights or assets.

For information on Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements, contact The Law Office of Stephen A. Cooper for advice specific to your situation.