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Spousal Support

Spousal Support Lawyer in Ajax

In Ontario, entitlement to spousal support upon separation or divorce is not automatic. Spouses can claim financial support for a temporary or ongoing period, but this depends on the unique circumstances of each couple. Legal advice is essential for any spouse who wants to claim spousal support, and for any spouse being asked to pay. The Law Office of Stephen A. Cooper in Ajax, Ontario, provides such advice to clients.

Guidelines for Spousal Support

Although not mandatory, many courts in Ontario reference the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines to establish whether a spouse is entitled to support, and if so, the amount and duration of that support. Many factors are analyzed, including the roles played by the spouses during the marriage and the financial stability of each spouse upon divorce or separation and the disparity in incomes between the parties.

Spousal support may be negotiated by the couple and form part of a Separation Agreement that is the basis of a divorce settlement. In some circumstances, support is a source of extensive disagreement between spouses and resolution may only be possible through a court process. In either circumstance, legal advice from a lawyer who understands family law and the economics of property division is essential.

Stephen A. Cooper has been a family lawyer in Ajax, advising on spousal support and other divorce issues since 1989. He can give you the representation you need to achieve the resolution you seek in your divorce or separation.

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